Diet for Hemorrhoids

Diet for Hemorrhoids
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What foods to avoid with hemorrhoids when choosing diet for hemorrhoidsYou know, there are very few people out there who realize that hemorrhoids are actually rather easy to deal with without medical intervention. In fact, the majority of cases can be cleared up without even unscrewing the cap of a medicated product. On this page I want to take a little look at one of the most natural treatments…the diet for hemorrhoids.

Now, obviously when people think of a diet for hemorrhoids they think about severely restricting the amount of food that they eat. Don’t worry, the hemorrhoids diet is not about that. Instead it is all about getting the right foods and the like into your body. This means the foods which can help reduce inflammation and hopefully allow those stools to pass through your system a little bit easier. It is all about avoiding those foods which can cause problems. On this page I am going to start by talking about the things that you should avoid before moving onto things that you should get into your body.

Diet for Hemorrhoids: What You Should be Aware of

Before we dive into that I do want to make you aware of one point. This is the fact that hemorrhoids tend to be most prevalent in those who are overweight. If you are overweight then you will want to use a combination of diet and exercise to get your size down to something which is healthy for you. This will virtually eradicate the hemorrhoids in most cases.

What Foods to Avoid with Hemorrhoids

First and foremost, you are going to want to start to avoid dairy products. These are not going to help to prevent hemorrhoids as such. Their main job is to quell the inflammation that occurs. You see, dairy products such as milk and cheese are high in an ingredient which has been known to cause inflammation in the body. Obviously hemorrhoids are a form of inflammation and thus you need to cut out any product which can contribute to this from your diet. Dairy is a good start here.

You should make sure that you steer clear of any foods which are high in refined sugars or saturated fats. Both of these can lead towards constipation, or at the very least make your stools a little bit harder. Now, this is not going to cause hemorrhoids as such. However, hemorrhoids are often the result of too much straining going on down there when you are passing a stool. This means you want to ensure that those stools are as soft as they possibly can.

My general piece of advice to you here is to ensure that you cut out all of the things from your diet which are generally seen as bad for you. The vast majority of them will contribute towards hemorrhoids anyway so it is probably best that they are not in your diet to begin with.

The Best Foods to Eat for Hemorrhoids

The best foods to eat with hemorrhoid diet planRight, now let us start to deal with the products that you can eat. Firstly, high fiber products are the way to go. As I said previously, the main cause of hemorrhoids is people straining far too much when they try to pass a stool. Not only is this going to lead to the problem but it is going to make it worse once you have it.

There are plenty of products high in fiber out there so do make sure you try to pick them up. Any wholegrain foods (bread, pasta etc.) are good way to go here. Trying to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your diet is most likely going to be even better if you are looking into hemorrhoid prevention.

You will also want to try and get more products that are anti-inflammatory into your diet. One that I absolutely love which really does help with hemorrhoids is Omega-3. You can find this in just about any oily fish and in some nuts. You can also take supplements. The more Omega-3 in your diet for hemorrhoids, the better it will be for you in the long run. Omega-3 will also help your body in a number of other ways (for example reduced cholesterol) so it is always good to have regardless.

Some other products which may help:

  • Cherries, Blackberries and Blueberries: These can reduce the pain and discomfort from hemorrhoids whilst at the same time reducing any inflammation. They will also help to promote healing in the area.
  • Black and Red Currant Berries: High in Vitamin C and all sorts of other goodness. This again helps to promote healing in the impacted areas.
  • Any foods which are high in iron. This helps to strengthen the blood as well as to replace any blood lost through intense hemorrhoid bleeding. Chicken Liver, Kelp, Prunes, Potatoes etc. All are high in iron. There are hundreds of other things out there that you can eat too as part of the diet for hemorrhoids. I am really sure you would not have trouble finding something that you can stomach.
  • Ginger, Garlic, and Onion: Try and get as many of these into your diet as possible. These products have an impact on Fibrin. This is a chemical within the body that helps to repair any issue damage. Quite often in the case of hemorrhoids too much fibrin will be produced. This causes the inflammation to be more intense then it should be. These products will break down all of that excess fibrin and ensure that it causes no problem. In most cases, after long use, you may notice that the hemorrhoids start to disappear.

As I mentioned before, the key to dealing with hemorrhoids is mainly to eat healthily. If you can do that then I am almost 100% sure that you are going to reduce the risk of suffering from hemorrhoids massively. If you are already suffering from the condition then it is likely that you will reduce the inflammation and discomfort to the point where it is not going to pose too much of a problem any more. For more information about diet for hemorrhoids please watch this video: