Which Hemorrhoid Cream is the Most Effective and FDA Approved?

Which Hemorrhoid Cream is the Most Effective and FDA Approved?
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Natural hemorrhoid cream with no side effectsSuffering from Hemorrhoids is not a pleasurable experience in the slightest. Sure, the long term impact of this conditions is not that serious. However, having to deal with the pain and just general discomfort whilst waiting for the condition to clear up is not fun at all. Thankfully, there are a number of products available on the market which are designed to make it a bit easier to deal with the condition.

We have studied the most popular brands that get outstanding results and help heal the condition without any possible side effects. We analyzed the data based on the following criteria:

  • FDA approved for effectiveness
  • Created using only natural ingredients
  • Brand reputation
  • Fast long-term effective relief
  • Suitable for pregnant women
  • 100% Guaranteed satisfaction or money back guarantee, with no questions asked
  • Customer reviews

The Best Treatment Option

We are not saying that you should stop trying other treatments, but if you really want to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally, we strongly believe that Zenmed ointment and a proper diet plan will get you the ultimate results.

Get rid of hemorrhoids with natural zenmed ziro ointmentZenmed Unique Formula

  • FDA approved: Yes
  • Effectiveness: 100%
  • Ingredients: All natural
  • Side effects: None
  • Suitable for pregnant women: Yes
  • Money back guarantee: 60 days
  • Customer reviews: 10/10 (via facebook)
  • Made in the USA

Zenmed Hemorrhoid Cream stands out from its competitors due to the fact that it has been approved by the FDA and has been formulated by doctors to ensure that patients are able to overcome the ailment. When you acquire your own bottle of zenmed hemorrhoid cream you will apply it to the affected area and allow all of the components to work throughout the affected area. With the implementation of soothing, cooling, and antiseptic agents, your hemorrhoids will go away within a limited period of time.

Why Choose Zenmed?

In comparison to other products Zenmed does not contain synthetic dyes or synthetic fragrances, animal ingredients, non-recyclable components, cortisones, lidocaine, or petrochemicals. Essentially you will be acquiring a natural relief to your ongoing symptoms because zenmed hemorrhoid cream contains natural plant extracts rather than chemical components to provide individuals with the relief that they desire.

Another benefit associated with the Zenmed hemorrhoid cream is that it works for an extended period of time, versus drugstore brands. With drugstore branded creams patients will receive temporary relief that will mask the symptoms rather than heal the affected area.

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Hemorrhoid Cream Active Ingredients: What Do They Do?

Hemorrhoidal ointment active ingredients and what they doOn this page I want to run you through some of the most popular of active ingredients and what they are actually going to do to help you out. You may find that many of these ingredients are included together in a single ointment to provide you with relief. Others may be available in a cream all on their own. It may be best to talk to a pharmacist to ensure that you get exactly what you are searching for when it comes to hemorrhoid relief.


The most common analgesic is Dibucaine. This can come in a number of forms. Generally it comes as an ointment or cream though. The job of the Dibucaine will be to provide you with short term relief from the pain and itching related to hemorrhoids. It will only do this for a short period of time. Generally a couple of hours at the most. However, the pain relief is nigh on instant.

It will do the job by stopping the nerves in your hemorrhoids from sending pain signals to the brain. The problem will still be there, but the brain will not be receiving anything that says the pain is there. If this happens then obviously you are not going to feel anything. As I said though, this is VERY short term relief. If you are going to use an analgesic then do make sure that you follow usage instructions perfectly to eradicate any side effects.


I am sure that you have encountered the idea of an anesthetic before. They are important if you have ever had any surgical procedure carried out upon you. Obviously they are not just limited to the world of surgery though. In fact, the majority of anesthetic products are used in the home. There are plenty of different products available to those who are suffering from Hemorrhoids. The most common of these is Benzocaine. The job of the Benzocaine is pretty much the same as the previously mention analgesic products, although it tends to be slightly more effective over longer periods of time. It basically numbs the area. This means you are not going to be dealing with the pain or the itching that is caused by hemorrhoids.

Nearly every single hemorrhoid cream that you purchase from the pharmacy will include some sort of anesthetic. Benzocaine is normally the one that they select because it is so good at the job that it does. Again, I must stress that you follow usage instructions perfectly. This way you can be sure that the product you select does not have any horrible side effects which could actually be worse than having to deal with the hemorrhoids.


Witch hazel plant as the main astringent product used in ointmentsAstringent products are some of the most effective on the market for dealing with hemorrhoids on a long term basis. There are plenty of astringent products available out there. Perhaps the most popular is actually a natural product. This is Witch Hazel (you can pick it up from any health store, although many hemorrhoid creams out there also contain a bit of Witch Hazel). The astringent in Witch Hazel are tannins. Let me explain what they do.

The job of an astringent is different to the previous types of active ingredients. The job of these products is to dry out, tighten and then ultimately harden any tissues in the body (which is why it is important that the product is only applied to impacted areas).

As your hemorrhoids start to tighten up the amount of blood that can flow into them is greatly reduced. This means that eventually, well hopefully at least, the hemorrhoid will eventually ‘fall off’. It will not pose a problem at least, certainly whilst there is no blood flowing into it.

There are a lot of ways in which you can get an astringent into the impacted area. The most popular is in cream form. However, there are also a number of products out there which work as pads, or even small little pens that enable you to get a bit of this product onto the impacted area. In fact, in some cases people just head to their local store to pick up some witch hazel and apply it themselves.

The side effects of going down this route are slightly more serious than with any other hemorrhoid ingredient. You therefore need to ensure that you use the product in moderation for the best effect on the area. If you use it properly then it should be fairly simple to deal with the condition.

A Steroidal

Steroids treatment prescribed by doctorWhen it comes to effective treatments that your doctor can prescribe you, there is nothing more effective than a steroidal.

These, as you can probably guess from the name, are steroids. This means that whilst they are effective they do have some pretty serious side effects. In fact, you should NOT use any steroid for longer than seven days at a time. After this you are going to need to have a good long break from their usage. The most common steroidal used on hemorrhoids is that of hydrocortisone and it will often be found in a cream form.

Hydrocortisone is going to do an absolutely fantastic job at clearing up the impacted areas. It will not only promote healing but it should deal with all itching, swelling and any other discomfort that you may suffer from. As I said though, despite this cream being highly effective you will only be allowed to use it for short periods of time. It will also only be prescribed in the most serious cases of hemorrhoids. This means that it is VERY unlikely that your doctor is going to be prescribe it to you. In most cases they will suggest that you go down one of the other treatment routes to begin with. In the majority of cases you are never going to need to use hydrocortisone.


The job of the Vasoconstrictor is to help clear up the hemorrhoids in the quickest amount of time possible. This ingredient will normally be included alongside one of the other ingredients that I mentioned above. The most common Vasoconstrictor used in the treatment of hemorrhoids is Ephedrine.

A vasoconstrictor works by attempting to limit the amount of blood that is flowing into the impacted blood vessels. By cutting off the blood supply, or severely limiting it at least, the inflammation is going to disappear over time. In some cases it may even lead to the hemorrhoids dropping off completely. Vasoconstrictors are normally a permanent solution to the problem.

It is worth noting that a vasoconstrictor is not going to work quickly. Many people will have to use them on a long term basis. They are often used in cases where the hemorrhoids may be slightly difficult to deal with when other treatment options have been exhausted. Whilst they will quell any discomfort or pain during usage this will be over a long term basis. You will want to use other creams to ensure that you can deal with the problem in the ‘now’.

Remember, there are a number of hemorrhoid cream brands on the market. What may work for one person may not necessarily work for another. There are a number of ingredients up there that may be dangerous in certain circumstances. For example, some of these products could conflict with other medication that you may be taking at the same time. Others may be detrimental if you are currently pregnant. This is why I ALWAYS suggest talking to a doctor or a pharmacist before you make your purchase.

I generally do suggest that you talk to the latter because it will be the pharmacist who is going to be in a far better position to make recommendations in your situation because it is their job to know the drugs that they sell inside out. If there is a risk of there being serious side effects they will also be able to help you out. Do not forget to read any information that you get with the hemorrhoid cream to ensure that it is going to be used properly. Most side effects that people suffer from when they are dealing with hemorrhoid cream is the lack of proper usage.

In my opinion, when it comes to dealing with hemorrhoids you are always going to want to try to stay as natural as possible. Sure, many of the treatment options on the market (i.e. the ones that I detailed above) are going to be superb for keeping those hemorrhoids at bay. However, the vast majority of them have a number of side effects. This can mean that they are not suitable for long term use. Natural products tend to have few, if any, side effects. This means that they are going to be much better for use over long periods of time. In some cases you may even find that it is cheaper to go down the natural route too (which tends to just be making subtle changes to your lifestyle, which is obviously free).

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If you believe that you are suffering from hemorrhoids, or you are struggling to make a hemorrhoid cream treatment work for you, then it is important that you get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible. They will be able to provide you with advice on the best course of action. This will ensure that the pain and suffering of having to deal with hemorrhoids clears up sooner as opposed to later.